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I made a trophy!

“The District” is the name of the shopping center in Pryor OK (across the street from Google) where I got to create 9 huge sculpture. They had their grand opening last week and asked me to create a trophy, inspired by my big Scissortail Fly Catcher sculpture for a local car show they were having in Pryor to kick of the grand opening of ”The District”. This is what I came up with (in 7 days!)!!

it turned out to be a wealth of friends who came to help- our friend Tony, a wonderful carpenter, made the incredible base out of White Oak and live edge Walnut, Jack lent me his teeny stick welding machine (So I could weld with a regular household plug-in), and Chris lent me a small corner in his studio to let me weld (because the mosquitoes were about to eat me alive outside). After welding and grinding the washers down to a smooth surface, I gilded them with gold leaf… which my friend Beverly, taught me the art of gilding years ago… so long story short- a trophy was created- and with the help of so many talented individuals- this trophy was awarded to the winner of the car show. i Love being an artist! So much fun to meet a creative challenge and have a family of talented friends whom share their wisdom. Thank you!!!

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Do you have a picture of the trophy?

Me gusta
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