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Indy (short for Indiana Jones)

This faithful companion, was the sidekick of one of my childhood friend’s daughter, who is in the USAF. Indy was a loving, true blue kind that developed cancer and recently passed away. (I hate that dogs can even get cancer.. they are too loving of a creature to have to suffer with cancer.) It is such an honor to capture him on canvas.

I come from a military family and I am really grateful for those who serve- so this painting, in a way, is a visual thank you to this young woman and her service to our country. I always try to find an inspiration before creating a portrait for someone. It makes for a better portrait as well as a driving force to finish the piece.

I have met so many wonderful people over the past 25 years as a painter… I always love their stories and their reasons why they are asking me to create a portrait for them. I remember when my dog died 25 years ago and I too searched for someone to capture my dog on canvas as a memorial to ‘Jandro. I remember the love that drove me to find someone to paint my dog… and ended up changing my life path completely.

Thank you Indy for your service as a beloved companion to one of our soldiers! Oh yeah- and what a classic, awesome name!!

“Indy”, oil on canvas, 16”x20”

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Ricki Morgan
Ricki Morgan
Aug 16, 2021

Great painting and great story

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