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Sweet Molly

I would say a majority of my clients contact me when their faithful companion is towards the end of their life. I hope they let me meet the pet before they pass- just makes for a better portrait. It helps me get a sense of the animal also there are no words to describe all the information I get when I look into their eyes. I have painted many types of pets over the past 25 years, but dogs are my favorite to paint. They ask for nothing but love.. they eat the same food daily (with excitement!) and are the best anxiety vacuums on the planet!

My accountant contacted me to paint a portrait of Molly for his niece as a wedding gift. She has already passed away and he asked for a 36”x36” oil on canvas portrait of her. He had limited photos- which can be very tricky for a pet portrait artist. The photograph of Molly, definitely captured her smile and love.. but only showed the ground beneath her.. (photo tip: take photos of your pets down on their level. Put the dog up on some steps or on the couch and try to get the background behind them for a photo. If you take a picture of the pet looking up at you.. the floor leaves limited options for a background in a portrait.)

Molly’s owner has just graduated from OSU Vet School and I was honored to capture Molly on canvas as a wedding gift, not only to commemorate Molly… but also as a wedding gift that starts a new chapter in their lives! Congratulations Drew and Carrie! Best of luck to you!

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